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break-up, shmeak-up. kelly clarkson was right!

almost 2 weeks to go, kids. 2 weeks. then i shall be a proto-design graduate for a month. i might make it to the end of year show in london this june (the lady that gave a portfolio advice seminar said i had to display my stuff in the west end).

also (the main point of this reluctant post): the new site is on the move - i just got the domain. it feels like my very own brand new apartment, with an amazing day-long visit to ikea to follow (and i get to go on all the kiddie hammocks and hanging chairs and crawl through the tents as per usual).

along with the new place, i will start screenprinting shirts on demand for selling purposes.
they are:
1. deery me
2. oakeydoke (f)
3. oakeydoke (m)
4. tweet twig
5. skinny beech
6. one stag army
7. hidden
8. birdie

now, back to work.


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