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why today was a good day

you know when you need a haircut. you wake up one morning, and you realize your hair is grumpy and misbehaved. it has fallen awkwardly around your face for days, but today, whatever you do, it just will not comply.
i did not want my parents to see me all split endy.
so i did some legwork around town to find the most pocket-friendly hairdressers without resorting to the ultracheapcantcarelesswhatischoppedoff ones (usually i have it cut on holidays in spain so i don't have much clue of what maidstone has to offer).
i ended up at a tiny hairdressers', where they played spa ambient music and random stylists kept on offering me something to drink.
now, the best thing about getting your hair cut is the washing part. in this case...
oh oh oh. bliss.
the stylist (that's what they like to call themselves, despite being plain haircutters) used these gorgeous smelling products, i noticed a hint of orange and ginger.
oh oh oh the massage.
the warm water running down the scalp.
oh oh oh.
she actually spent an hour on me. and hour. that is the longest amount of time i've spent having my hair cut. however, there was a lot more styling than actual cutting. she liked her hairdryer. oh yes.
and her hairstraightener. especially her hairstraightener. when she pulled it out i was about to scream 'HAIRSTRAIGHTENERS ARE THE DEVIL!! THE DEVIL I SAY!!!!' and run off. but no. i remembered she had advertized some heat-damage-preventing-and-softening gunk she'd put on my hair. so i sat clenching my bag hoping for the minimum amount of protein deformity.
there was no smell of burning hair. instead, there was a slight sweet fragrance emanating from the vapor the heated plates (scarily) produced.
'do you normally use hairstraighteners on your hair?' she asked.
'not really, usually my hair flops down by itself'
and she ironed. and ironed. and ironed.
and funnily enough, despite the life and volume suckage my hair suffered, it looked good.
and i skipped back home.


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