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due to recent developments, i thought it was funny that i'd come across a certain paragraph in an article on relationship tips for both men and women while i was leafing through my mom's generic-lifestyle-and-fashion-magazines.

let me translate from spanish:

message for them [men]: even if you hardly notice the couple of kilograms your girlfriends have put on these last few months, women are quite different. this means they are a lot more observant of details, so that proto-beer belly isn't going to go unnoticed. also, the fact that you take care of yourselves is a symptom of you caring about what your girlriends feel and think about you. and this, guys, is simply irresistible.

... oh truth.

i get these spam e-mails from this christian carter guy, informing us ignorant femmes how it's women's fault relationships don't work. apparently he wrote an online book, which you pay for just to be told you are crap at being female. summing up his male/female liason doctrine in a metaphoric dinner: women must find the most customized and complex recipe, grow the ingredients, prepare them, cook them, set the table with an imaculate white cloth, serve them perfectly presented for their male counterpart, cut their food for them, chew it for them, and then deposit it in the man's mouth. and then aid his ingestion by massaging his throat.
carter states women must put all the effort in understing men, and not vice versa. god forbid. because we're all such insecure hysterical pms-ers who want marriages and babies two minutes after meeting a slightly attractive guy.


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