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'votre appareil ne nous interesse pas!'

i am never ever going to write about cyberspace again. or trans-humanism. or post-humanism.
i don't care. take your technology and virtual reality and simulacra and simulation and your cyberpunk and your julian stallabrass and your michael benedikt and just stick them in some binarily fractal trash can.

(julian is a pretty name.)

where has all my time gone?

once this dissertation business is all done by 12.30 tomorrow (well, today), i'm going to start some personal projects, involving d.i.y. jewelery, again inspired on pricier versions, with some customized variations.
i am currently in a pegasus-horses-unicorns-sparrows phase. perhaps i should improvise some designs, just maybe sneak into screenprinting and make myself some t-shirts or tote bags.

it's great, i'm getting increasingly clear-headed on things i want to do, and when; what i should adhere to and what to let go (a wardrobe clear-out helps as a starting point).

i know that after noon i will feel as light as a feather.
that, or utterly destroyed.
or both.


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