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so i've temporarily lost a boyfriend (big L's gone back to coventry for a few days, sniffles) but i have gained a brother!
i am picking him up tomorrow at the airport and i am so excited.
trips to london and all that jazz. he also brings dutch goodies. hmm edam.

so yes.
hooray for topshop (it's either bullseye or backfire with that place, backfire being all this unimaginative navy-inspired predominantly dark blue, red, white and black stripey yuck that's going on) because i am in love with yet another of their items: a retro-y tiny red clutch bag which (un)fortunately isn't out of my budget (including student discount) - on the downside i bet i can't even fit my daily-use wallet in it.
but it's just so cute.
we will see, we will see.

due to more generic admiration towards their range of jewelery, but mostly out of outrage at the prices, i made/recycled a few more necklaces. will take pictures and post.
i find it very hard to find good antique-gold-plated charms. any tips?

i am also very much in love with several things at urban outfitters, specifically the furniture, specifically this

and this

and, what the hell, this too (wallpaper included)


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