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so i'm not the queen of assertiveness, but i made sure i pointed out it was the 'bald guy' who had smugly overcharged me last weekend in snappy snap's when i went back this week to ask for money back.
(it had totally spoiled the rest of my saturday - the feeling of having been stepped all over and swindled gnawed at me for hours).
the 'nice snappy-snap's guy' sorted everything out, accompanied with one of his overly friendly smiles, and in a pang of guilt i told him i'd be dropping off a couple of film rolls in a week or two.

a few minutes later, rachael said 'well, you don't usually go and call someone bald guy', to which i replied 'so, should i have called him the guy with no hair? that sounds worse. it's not like it was thinning or anything, i mean, he clearly shaves his head! the baldness is intentional, therefore it's not offensive to call him the bald guy.'

then ilundi laughed and mentioned the look on my face when the aformentioned swindler suddenly made a rushed appearance through the door, holding a stained paper bag, just as the money-back transaction was at its conclusion.

i just remember wishing i could shoot lasers through my eyes.


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