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just give me a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea please.

crap weather.
crap workshop.
what a crap day.

i would have rather spent all day in bed than group up with these random people i unfortunately asked to join (just because i was acquainted with one of the girls).
oh no.
we were given an object (on our case, a random passport photo of some woman a tutor had found outside a photobooth) and were told to develop a miniproject on it.
the guy in the group, supposedly one of the girls' boyfriend, kept on going about rebranding the u.s. army or disneyland for his major project.
i was, naturally, appalled.
the feeling of non-connection with people is really discomforting. while they kept on bringing out commercial and practical ideas (campaigns about identity theft, leaflets about carreers choices), i thought these were boring and i just wanted to enlarge the photo and photocopy it until the picture lost all sense of identity, tear it up, stick it back together, only explore it, not give it any practicality.

i kind of worry about only being interested in experimental, aesthetic and visual design rather than the problem-solving type.
the latter just makes me yawn, and then cringe, and then yawn again.
the last thing i want to do are leaflets and booklets and all that promotional crap. i would just dry up, whither and die.
that's going to be a problem, because once i'm out there, i'm gonna have to spend many a good year doing stuff that will feel like a thousand stabs. if i am lucky enough to be employed in the creative industry.

but then came big L on his white horse, with a golden aura around him, and made everything all better.


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