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in one of yesterday's rushes to and from the library's computer technician when trying to log into/fix my account on the macs at ucca, i bumped into one of my old flatmates from the time i lived in the student halls during the first year. i hadn't seen him in months.
after some small talk, he added
'congratulations about you and big L!'
'oh, um, thank you.'
'when i was told i was like, finally.'
what do you mean, finally? i wanted to ask. it seems like everyone we hung out with in those days had predicted two outcomes for big L and me ever since we met two years ago.
a) hate each other forever
b) end up together
i mean, who asked them? what matters is now, and not what happened (or what didn't happen, to be more precise) back then.

'punch him.' big L said when i mentioned it later.


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