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this morning, at approximately 9.00 greenwich, 10.00 gmt+1 european time, as i sleepily flipped the pillow and felt the cold fabric on my right cheek, i became a twentysomethinger, hereby joining the other tenants' age group.

a few hours earlier, my organism went into red alert and deployed defense mechanisms involving a sore throat and not-very-atractive puffy eyes, thus affecting my body's performance for the, what will surely be, three following days.

at 10.45 i opened my bedroom door leading to a rogue ribboned balloon ambush and engaged in a fight against them with the help of what was thoroughly effective cellotape.

morning avalanche.

at 16.24 a single-use camera flash blinded the assisting persons as several candles were lit into different colored flames. exactly fifteen minutes later to the second, the cake was reduced to 15% of its original mass. a minute and seventeen seconds later someone mentioned that blowing all the candles out was a sign of good luck. i promptly replied that a certain magazine's annual celestial predictions warned that aquarians were facing a bad year, but that, however, i had read somewhere else that they made good pilots.

blown out in one go

forty five minutes prior to the record above, plentiful wrapping paper was discarded carefully as surprise was displayed at a 'make your own eraser' set. at the same time, the amount of salted popcorn decreased a 25% while the sweet popcorn only suffered a 14%.

end of the report.


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