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this is the age of the silver/chrome electronics. whatever happened to plain old black?

the t is desperately escaping. the other one eloped with a 'a friend is...' fridge magnet.
and the dish ran away with the spoon.

don't ask me.
i wasn't fully awake when i did this. what d'you need alcohol for, when you can be deliriously ill under the influence of beck and paracetamol?

with a new year comes a new tv. the one i had that was a hand-me-down fixed comodity in my room for ages bust a bulb or something. i was left with three dots in the middle of the black screen, one red, one green one blue.
no frasier this morning.
today i discovered the tv was bought back when we lived in germany, in other words, probably nine years ago plus. repair cost due to its age, or shall i say, appointed antiquity: 50-70 pounds.
double u tee eff.
then the repairman said 'oh you can find nice second-hand ones here for 60 quid. not worth fixing a tv that old'.
no way i'm paying that, not for the repair or a used tv.
might as well get a cheap new one.
after a big search in town, involving spaced-out woolworths clerks, a spur of the moment purchase of tulips, the suspicion that there were no such things as portable 14 inch tvs anymore, only big fuckoff cinema flat screen tvs invading the shelves everywhere; i found an affordable run-of-the-mill tv at 50 pounds in argos when i was already lamenting the lack of background noise and dvd viewing i'd be facing for a while.
i will buy rachael some scones just for suggesting a look there.

it's weird how you can do without these little luxuries when you don't have them in the first place, but notice their absence badly once they're gone.


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