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self portrait tuesday

i grew up on cartoons.

self portrait tuesday

in the days of this, i watched 'the secret of nimh' and 'an american tail' almost daily.
the other day i found 'nimh' on dvd for 6.99 pounds.
so i got it and watched it.
now i know why i have this gut dislike/indifference towards cats: all the anti-feline propaganda i was exposed to in these don bluth movies. monstruous, evil, barbaric creatures who only wish the destruction of the intellect and sophistication the mice and rats are characterized with.

also, these movies critisize pollution (an american tail) and experimentation on animals (the secret of nimh).

**note: wil wheaton is martin's voice in 'nimh'.

i also really love 'the land before time'. when the hell are they going to release it on dvd??


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