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mens sana in corpore sano.

it's curious how uk news is so self-centered. something happens (aka a former sex offender is found working at a school - insert picture of the smiling prosecuted subject here -, but not only that, several sex offenders found working in child-ridden areas) and, presto! there you have a week's worth of news. they won't stop until every single shred of information has been examined and torn apart, until they've squeezed the last drop of juice from the plump fruit of scandal, until the cow's tit resembles an elongated, dry raisin.
i wouldn't call it a 'thorough coverage'. more like a 'sensationalist form of egocentrism'.

remember the scarf i started ages ago? i finished it the other night.
'twas hard work.


i'll take more detailed pictures once the sky graces us with a bit more brightness.
(i prefer natural light)
we've been having very dark days lately. like a half-hearted attempt at providing daylight.

the sun would rather have a cup of tea, hidden by a blanket of grey wool, and write detailed letters to the moon about precious things they'll be expecting in spring.


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