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it is a temple, nay, a marvel to consumerismhood!

sales cause stress.
today is the first day of the post-christmas sale.
and i just came back from it.
and i am absolutely overwhelmed.

in the shops right now there are 30 meter long queues of teenage girls holding mountains of sweaters and jeans along with their either a) sighing or b) non-stop nagging mothers. let's not forget the bored boyfriends.

everything flies off the shelves and the adrenalin pumps as you scout swiftly and detect any other predators showing the tiniest interest in your prey.
the survival of the fittest!
a jungle of wild price tags and savage discounts.

the worst is the waiting. oh the waiting. you can easily lose half an hour in the queue, and you think 'will that one sweater still be in zara? what if when i go back they only have size L?!'.
the maximum punishment: finding what you want, but not in your size.
and it happens.
and you scream 'noooooooooooooooooo'.

i couldn't be bothered.
i couldn't be bothered to look through the chaotic heaps of bargains, no breathing space, shoulder to shoulder with vicious and desperate women that just grab things out of your hands.
i just went in, directly grabbed the few things i've wanted for ages (mostly out of sheer luck), and waited in the eternal lines. just shoes and basics, including a turquoise fun&basics bag (the one i was considering for xmas).

and it takes a hell of a lot to make me get fed up with shopping.
a lot.
this is a lot.
also today is the only day i can get stuff here since tomorrow morning i'm off back to the uk.
so stress multiplied by two.

on the next episode: horror! suspense! the search for the last nintendo ds.


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