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here's to progress and moving on.

i am developing a minimalist streak.

there was a period in my life where i loved surrounding myself with hundreds of knick-knacks on shelves; photos, posters, and random leaflets blu-tacked on the walls - everything on display in my room, like some quirky exhibit of the most useless space-occupying objects.
the more the better.
i guess there was some psychological reason, perhaps to avoid loneliness, or attempt to impregnate a sterile room with 'this is what i like, this i who i am, this is my territory'.
(now that i think of it, it's quite an aggressive manner of marking your 'own area'.
a virus-like extension of oneself?)

but now it's all visual clutter.
mental clutter.
chaotic input.

these past months i've been 'dressing the room down' slowly but steadily, removing and boxing the useless knick-knackery as i progressively got fed up with it, organizing the collected ephemera into folders and scrapbooks, moving things around and/or get them out of the way to, say, achieve some form of low-keyness, despite the inadequacy of the old furniture (paint-splattered shelves, loose-legged desk that will collapse sometime soon, the cracking chipboard inside of the mirror closet practically falling apart) and muddy-looking carpet.

i want to have everything stripped down to the essentials.

i am already daydreaming about next room i'll live in:
predominant color - a non-aggressive, refreshing white
secondary colors - soft turquoise/earthy brown or awakening red/earthy brown
wide desk, cleared shelves, light pine blinds;
solid colors, clean lines, big window;
space, light, comfort;


i am also giving away all the clothes i haven't worn for a year.
oh it will be hard to let go.


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