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feliz año nuevo

i'm in a state where i am undergoing some form of urgency at the same time as patient stoicism.
be it due to the lengthy digestion that still seems to be in process from last night, or the compromise/breakage of my vegetarianism at seasonal family dinners (when the comfort of the majority crushes individual morality, if the minority should rebel it would mean a nuclear war), or perhaps the fact that anything i do isn't understood, or that i can't really be productive when we rotate from family member's house to family member's house, clockwise.

the enviroment is a tad on the flammable side, with warning sides all over. needless to say we make concessions, we turn the cheek on an hourly basis.
yet patience isn't something there is a large supply of.

on the bright side, while we stayed in madrid i met up with my best friend from school, back when i lived in madrid.
we went to the marcel breuer exposition at the ICO museum, and had a drink in some hidden away 70's inspired place.
many pictures were taken, many stories were swapped.
she made the most touching comment: everytime we talk, it's just like 'back in the days'. and i wonder, how easy it is for things to change, for an intrusive feeling of uneasiness to creep in and whisper 'you have nothing to talk about with this person anymore'.
it is not so in this case. it makes me feel incredibly grateful.

apart from that, the late christmas was fruitful: i got the graphics tablet (hooray!!!), but i can't show any of my test drawings because they were all embarassingly bad.
i also got silky scarf with 60's print, a sock-shaped book on how to knit socks ('now you know what you're getting next christmas, ha!'), and was lucky enough to squeeze in a book on the latest editorial design.

and now it's time for the 2006 resolution.
i have only one:
to work a lot harder.
aka get stuff done.
aka haul ass.
aka be accepted for an ma in communication design and/or get a job in the creative industry.


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