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the boss hog knows all of its piglets.

okay, i have slept a total of two hours and a half this weekend.
all the non-sleeping hours were inverted on staring at a screen and moving a pen around the tablet.
i think i may be about to collapse.
to top it off, all the work i've done couldn't be printed today at the supercrap printburo we have at uni, and will have to be done overnight. in other words, they should be done by tomorrow.
and the deadline, it is also tomorrow.
by 5 pm.

i have planned my day accordingly in order for the publication/magazine supplement thing i'm making to be done by noon or one. i have to cut the print-outs, spraymount them, perfect bind them (note: buy gauze tomorrow while pressing the mounted sheets, it's all about time management), attach the cover, chop the edges, and press until it's four, hopefully.

also i am starting to feel like crap about my final piece, because today someone spoke of this one guy on my course who decided to print ten t-shirts, make a book, and produce a shitload of logo designs, all in this minor project.
compare that to the measly illustration-social-commentary magazine supplement/publication i'll be submitting.
i say he's compensating for something.
and i can't imagine anything more boring than making a hundred logos.

i will so haul ass for the major project. i swear i'll make something huge. i haven't thought of what to do for it, but i'm already excited about the idea of building something or experimenting with wood.
less screens and more workshop.


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