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... hello.

my name is ilisu. and i am addicted to lost.

the first season has just ended on channel 4, and as much as i am embarassed to admit, i am suffering from withdrawal. season two is not scheduled to premier on (not so)public uk tv until spring. but while they still aired the show, i'd feel the impulse to google spoilers and rumored future plot-twists.

by means of desperate housewives and invasion, the lesser addictive substances, i am attempting to wean from hurley's 'dude' and sawyer's 'freckles'.

i guess it all started during the summer. in spanish tv, lost would be on tve1, but i'd watch 24 instead on telecinco, since they aired at the same time. i thought lost was too confusing to keep up with, too many characters, too many backstories. also i was too busy following kiefer-sutherland-jack's hijinks, until 24 ended.

then big L mentioned how good lost was. i was skeptical. then one wednesday night, whilst flicking through the measly four (still not so)public channels, it happened to be on, and i watched it just out of curiosity.

and i was hooked since then.

i am taking baby steps in kicking the habit, and i hope to be strong enough to hold up.

at least until spring.


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