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i am attempting to make a christmas wishlist
(yes very convenient for an atheist i know, but christmas is all about flying back home and doing the whole family thing, not because jesus was born. plus they got his birth date wrong so technically no one is celebrating baby jesus. jeez my gran still thinks i'm catholic.)
it's very difficult.
graphics tablet or fun&basics turquoise bag?
turquoise bag or fun&basics bronze ballerina shoes?
ballerina shoes or nintendo ds with nintendogs?

if i had regular income i could afford all these things and benevolently wave my hand and say 'ah i don't want anything this christmas'.
someone, please hire me.
if you do i will tell you how pretty/handsome you are and bake bread for you.

oh, you know that universal law where there are at the most six people between you and anyone else in the world (enhanced by the internet)?
i discovered there is one between beck and me.


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