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creeping from shell hole from shell hole

the world is so fucked up
i just feel that i can't stop it, can't stop the force money has over it
like a humongous boulder, deformed and obscene
and i'm rolling with it, we all are
live my life as happy as i can in pretend ignorance but i can't
because interaction with the truly ignorant or truly cynical frustrates me
because this crapness is so obvious, so obvious

war makes us humble, death makes us humble, it's so sad that it is this what it takes for a reality check
although war is an investment - bring on the monopoly men, bring on the marxist charicatures
war the moneymaker (order now!)
oil the black gold (limited edition!)
shellshock post-traumatic stress as loose change
quarter of a million
quarter of a zillion!
if this is all there is
if this is what we've got
then we obviously need a change.

here is a cartoon i found while i was sorting out my closet yesterday (amongst other things).


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