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adventures in snappy snaps

whilst leaving the store, rachael said 'he was sickeningly nice to you', and i said 'i was just about to say how supernice he was!'
'yeah the whole forced fake smiley face thing' she nodded.
'well you know snappy's just opened, perhaps he's truly enthusiastic... that is until maidstone crushes his soul'.'

things that annoy me at christmas

the new tommy hilfiger perfume commercial with enrique iglesias makes me cringe every time they show it.
it's like nails scratching against a blackboard.
or a fork scratching against a plate.
or biting on a cotton towel.
or what it probably feels like to snap a bone back into place.
or enrique iglesias singing.

the pony of troy

illustration friday isn't happening. i am currently preoccupied with a webdesign chore.
i'm actually getting a good bite of macromedia fireworks.
i'm chewing placidly.
it's great.
i am a big fan of reorganization. web design is just the same. divide, place, switch, tuck, nudge, repeat until it feels right. or approximately.


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