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i'll see you in holland

packing is great.
packing is something to be done regularly.
there is a special pleasure in placing things in the suitcase, arranging the imaginary grid, rearranging it. like three-dimensional tetris.
no that doesn't fit there, hold on if i put this over there, ah but then this and now that, wait, yes perfect.
it's refreshing.

i can't wait to wake up in my old ikea-floorboarded room, grab my pink bike and cycle over canal bridges, go bead hunting in that one small market.
and taking a camera with me.
en ook een beetje nederlands praten!
ik ben verliefd.

my tiny suitcase is currently bulging full of things i have to start taking back to my parents' so the summer move is a little less exasperating/stressing. mainly books.

guy fawkes should have thought of the posthumous consequences of his actions, such as currently there being too much firework purchase availability which results in a series of neverending explosions for the last few weeks and for the next two months. and right outside my window.


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