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i heart shoes. a lot.

a sudden crazy gust of wind picked up right now - there is a swarm of yellow leaves rising from the dark, hitting against my window.
the sky just had a tantrum.


yesterday i had to throw away my dear purple chucks.
the rubber inside the heel's back had gone loose and even after trying to fix it with superglue it still stabbed against my foot making them impossible to walk in sans pain.
i wasn't expecting them to last forever, since i'd bought them second-hand on ebay, all the way from the u.s. since i couldn't find them in purple anywhere over here.

i don't think i'll be replacing them (mainly because i found out a couple of months ago that nike bought converse).

so. new sneakers.
that i am absolutely in love with, from the moment i saw them resting on the clear plastic stand.


also, i'm waiting for my other chucks to 'pass away' so i can go on a full-on overhaul, favoring kitten heels. i've learned how to walk and run in them without spraining my ankle (anything above 2 inches i cannot tolerate).

it's crazy because a couple of years ago i would have never contemplated wearing non-sneaker shoes. anything that needed to be worn-into would be discriminated against.
well, now i've gone 180º and like to stare at cute shoes for ages and try them on and work how if they would match with a bag, a scarf, certain tights/socks or a sweater.

oh my gaia. i have become my mother.


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