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brunch at tiffany's

i feel so uneffective. superfluous. redundant. unaknowledged.

today i would like to have a car, a mint green beetle, and drive drive drive, go through the eurostar, and drive drive drive, until i got to the netherlands.

today i would like to have my hair cut.

today i would like to jump into puddles and kick piles of leaves leaving a trail of orange and yellow.

today i would like to hug the guy in the new snappy snaps that opened this week in maidstone for being so nice yesterday when i interrogated him non-stop about what films they had and if they could order them and if they did oh please oh please do crossprocessing and he said yes to all but unfortunately they didn't have fujifilm velvia and i was so happy afterwards i skipped and jumped outside because i didn't feel like i was limited anymore and that finally this town had buried the hatchet.

today i would like to be efficient.

today i would like to be audrey hepburn.

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com


Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

today i can't stop listening to 'rental car'.


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