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and all i got were some eyedrops.

rachael and i went into town today after i not so figuratively tore her from her bed this morning.
it was quite a masochistic thing to do, since we stray into shops and drool over everything, and by the time we're out the shop assistants are already cleaning up the slimy mess behind us.

'oh i love huge things like these' she prodded a chunky scarf.
'you do huh.'
'yes, they're quite warm.'
'ah, then you're gonna be happy this christmas.'
'heh, right.'
oh she got the hint.
i observed the item that got her attention.
soft, thick, chunky, long. check check check check.

i was worried about the colors i'd chosen for her scarf, since her current one is pink and purple (perhaps she was finally letting pink into her life?). but when she stroked a dark blue one at accessorize i sighed in relief.
colors. check.

i like how ilundi's scarf turned out. it's chunky and crocheted, striped by different yarns and patterns, patchworky. lots of white and pink, mixed in with other random colors in smaller amounts, so it matches her gloves and coat.

i'm racking my brains on what to give my mr. man.
i think i know.


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