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when you can't walk on the street in peace because you have XX chromosomes

so it stopped raining and there's this lovely sunny spell and i run out, belly comfortably full of honey on toast, a spring in my step, ready to lomo with my partner the lc-a.
the birds were chirping, the deer were prancing around, the kids were laughing, the flowers were dancing.

i'm randomly taking pictures of cable posts and clouds, when this huge lummox comes up and pretends to slap me in the face.
i flinch, look back at him.
i'm all
'what the fuck'
he goes away.
i look around me if anyone else has noticed the freakish event. total indifference.
so i persist in my photo-taking. the film gets jammed. hooray.
i head up the road home-ward, against the current of kids leaving school, and there's the gigantic asshole again, with a stupid smirkly smile on his face.
'he's going to do it again'
i thought.
'no. surely he's not that idiotic.'
the hand violently swerves towards me, and abruptly drops. again.

i have the sudden urge to shout 'FUCK OFF' but then i stopped when i opened my mouth. that would be aknowledging that whatever he did has affected me to the point of anger, hence achieving his goal of getting attention. it would be counter-productive.
i would have liked someone to intervene and go 'oi! leave her alone!' but as people are nowdays, lack of chivalry and good civism, they just walked past.

sometimes i wish i had a giant pink mallet, just for these occasions.


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