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today i looked through steve's sunglasses to barely glimpse at the sun. someone's bitten a chunk out of it. cheeky chomper. the sun is an apple, a luminous apple.
'this apple tastes sunny'

the angle from this dragon-shaped island is not good enough to see the sun morph into a perfectly concentric golden ring.

this is wonderous and dream-like, and i think the saddest most depressing thing in the universe will be when the big sol engulfs the earth in millions of billions years' time.


this is the third and last year at college and it just started today with our enrolment. we are officially third-years, we all sigh in unison. as veterans, we have the right to:

- push students from lower years around
- be arrogant and self-indulgent
- hoard all the resources

i won't do any of the three since i'm too busy knitting and looking for an affordable sewing machine.
also, power scares me.

all i know so far is that i don't want to be a graphic designer when i grow up. 90% of me is sure. the remaining 10% thinks aniseed is great.

i'm reading the best book ever for my dissertation: 'terminal identity. the virtual subject in post-modern science fiction'. nothing will be more gratifying that working through analyses of philip k. dick's novels as research and a book that has 'star trek: the motion picture' and 'star trek: the wrath of khan' figuring in its filmography must rule the school (i have yet to see the latter).

footnote: i swear this growcube game is addictive. i've never seen anything so cute and pointless at the same time. thank you, boys.


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