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there is nothing better
than knowing one is able to do things
to stop one from doing them.

only when one is suddenly impaired/obstacled
does one develop
the desire to do them.

i have finally started to haul my derriere in relation to college work - mind fogginess, nonsensical blabber and midnight hallucinations apart.

despite my reiterated dislike for purist graphic design and my adoration towards interdisciplinary work, i catch myself admiring artsy publications: the spread compositions, the covers, the internal structure, the thickness/texture of the paper, the color palettes, the quality of the printing, how the weight and format of it falls on my hands, and last but not least, the typography.
i get super inspired and motivated after observing them, al these tips and hints are drawn in, ready to be applied.
typography has a double edge: it can either be incredibly bland, or it can be fascinating.


i guess that, in essence, i am addicted to design.


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