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spine's outta place

i should be so lucky. lucky, lucky, lucky.

i should be so lucky because i just am. i only realise i'm lucky when i'm feeling under the weather.
there is no lack of gratitude.
expecting good things very soon, it's the wait that pulls me down.


today something burst in my brain during the tutorial - i thought it was an aneurysm, but then i realised it was the birth of the concept for the minor project of this year.

tomorrow i will hide under the bedcover. that will be my skirmish.

what makes you prolific? what makes you an artist? what makes you dainty and delicate? what makes you buzz and vibrate and want to turn into an exploding ball of energy? what makes you persevere? what makes you gape in awe? what makes you want to be stuck in a moment forever? what makes you passionate? what makes you shiver? what makes you run? what makes you the person you are?


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