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self-portrait tuesday 02

self-portrait tuesday 02

caramel snack-a-jacks = heaven

i am having mac issues.
the macs at college will:
1. get adobe works wordprocessor to crap out in the middle of writing without having saved anything, several times in a row
2. not let me use microsoft word because 'i am not authorised' for some inexplicable reason
3. not let me use indesign for the same reason above stated
4. take forever to print
5. then make you realise that your wait is fruitless: it won't print

so the technicians have major network servicing to do. one had gone awol indefinitely nowhere to be found and the other was all the way over at the library.

so that aside, my tutor was still ill therefore not convalescing this morning and our group has only seen him once in three weeks. minor project proposal hand-in today... oui. without approval or supervision.
again, fantastic.

and here i am drooling after nintendogs (PUPPIES!!! DACHSHUND PUPPIES!!!) and with 'sonic gems collection' in my hand. looking forward to a compensatory evening with blue blurs with red sneakers and flying foxes with two tails.


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