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'seb', 'bas', 'bastian', 'stupid cat', 'you again', 'go away', 'no, don't go in there!'

we now have a cat.
or we co-own one with the neighbors, unbeknownst to them.
sebastian the gargantuan cat will sit on the window sill outside the living room in the morning, and jump off when he sees one of us sleepily dragging our socked feet into the kitchen, to diligently wait for the garden door to open for him.
he has chosen my flintstones cushion to roll around and leave tufts of ginger hair on, and ilundi's bed to escape to and stalk at.
he has also chosen to ignore the neighbor woman's irritatingly piercing calls 'sebastiaaaaaaaaan sebastiaaaaaan dinnertime!' while he snugly sits on one of our armchairs.


i'm not a cat person, but i like sebastian.
i like him because he is a giant ball of orange fur more like a dog than a cat, both in size and behavior: his visits are inconditional, we don't feed him.
rachael's theory is that he lacks attention at his real home, seeking ours - which we gladly pour upon him.


i love these tights.


despite the appearances, they are warm and comfortable.

also, i am happy because i'm putting on sale part of my cd collection on ebay. and i've sold the first cd.

some things really must go, some things i can't listen to/look at anymore due to certain memories and/or feelings they produce in the pit of my stomach.
some things have lost their novel wonder and am sick of them gathering dust, some things just don't feel part of me anymore, redundant, long left behind with old skin.
the cleansing process must happen.


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