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last night i dreamt that instead of living abroad, we lived on mars.
we were on a plane/shuttle-craft leaving to earth, and then suddenly a mob of people arrived at the runway, and i said
'they are finally rebelling against bush'
there was a tv, an infrared picture of mars. every pink dot was a rebel. they were all joining together at one point, in other words, the space airport.
the shuttle-craft rose at an angle before lift-off, and i made some earplugs out of paper. i was worried my ears would pop since we'd abandon the atmosphere.
'give them to your brother once you're done with them'
my mom said.
and i wondered if the effectiveness of the rudimentary earplugs would be canceled out once i took them off to hand them over.


i would live in london.
portobello rocks.
chinatown rocks.
roger the lomo repairman rocks.
lc-a is fixed, dear.
it's alive!
and it's wonderful to watch a man work with so much love and dedication. every screw was treated like the finest jewelery, the camera serviced like a polished diamond.
he talked to himself, it was like singing a lullaby to his patient.

i had the best lunch today.
i fell secretly in love with a spanish boy a few tables down the hall. he had a green jacket. but he was with a girl.

my dad treated me with a huge supply of dried lily flowers at the chinatown supermarket. they are yum.


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