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i have realised i dress a lot more feminine/smart lately.
i wear low-heeled shoes that make horsey clip-clop noises. i feel so old when i wear them. i feel like i make too much noise. i feel like i'm cracking the pavement as i go, cracking the trees, cracking the sky, leaving a wake of destruction behind me.

after browsing the anthropologie catalogue, i've decided to try and make a couple of scarves they have there for 80 something dollars. it would cost me, using really really nice yarn, less than a third of that.
i'd raid their entire catalogue stock. not only because i am in love with everything they have but also out of spite for having such insane and angering-with-pitchforks-and-fire prices.

oh, diatribes.

i just have a bit of time to sip some abortastic tea before running to meet my dad at the train station (!!!!!!!!!!!)
i am dragging him to portobello road tomorrow.

for you.
electric six - rock n' roll evacuation
'mr. president i don’t like you, you don’t know how to rock!'


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