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my hand smells like mint, my wrist like vanilla, my forearm like candyfloss.

which is yum, but not so yum when the three fuse into one mega sugary knock-out scent. the sales assistant at pupa set her predatory crosshair while i was absently looking at the miss milkie products and promptly proceeded to harrass me by means of a minihurricane of lotions, until i made a polite exit - quoting quagmire: 'd-d-did i just get laid?'.

they have the most unique make-up. i love the ingeniousness of their packaging:

cute, huh?

girliness aside -
countdown to driving exam: seven days. and i have just learned two out of three parking methods. easy. tomorrow, i will learn how to park sideways. and i will ruin three cars in the process. that's an inevitable promise.
once i get my license, i'll drive around playing 'don't stop me now' because i will be a rocketship on my way to mars.


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