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words on the wall:
'don't try. i am sleeping inside with a big dog, an ugly woman, two shotguns and a claw hammer.'

mr. bush:

you are ridiculous.
i don't know how you're not shriveling up on the inside in embarassment until you become a tiny sultana. the colors green and black are the only ones your diminutive brain recognises from your optic nerves. not quite color-blindness but color-selectiveness that stimulate your 'presidencial skills'.

new orleans is in shambles. new orleans is now third-world. new orleans is mini-indonesia.
and you, with your so-called (quasi-fascist) patriotism, waving your little star and striped paper flag, you fail to convalesce before the urgent situation inside your own country which you oh so happily represent by having sent off to those countries full of 'weird, fanatic, bearded men that want to destroy what america stands for' anything that could have aided the errant survivors currently covered in urine and dirt.

fidel castro, oh perennial 'enemy of america' (enemy of of the Trinity of free commerce, enemy of conglomerate companies that monopolise the Holy Market with little nudges in the form of - coincidence? - green and black tips), has volunteered 1100 medics.
medics from what used to be, 'used to' due to the embargo, the best provider of pharmaceutical goods.
a nostalgic old man, that despite being an authoritarian dictator responsible of all undescribable things a dictator can authorise by absently signing a piece of paper as a dictatorly dictator, governs one of the countries with the highest level of education world-wide; that despite the disastrous poverty that looms over that small island, is offering aid to a government that, in theory, shouldn't need it. in theory.

and you, mr. bush, the representative of the most powerful and richest country in the world, did nothing until your disattachment was made obvious and was underlined with a fluorescent yellow marker.

sinvergüenza. imbécil. cretino. cabrón rey de cabrones transglobales inc.

you, sir, suck.

ps. extract from 'el país', 04/09:



so. on a lighter note, relevant progress so far:

PICT 001

PICT 021

PICT 024

PICT 020



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