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miscellaneous potpourri

i found a heart-shaped piece of ripped squared paper today.

(open brackets

today is one of those days.
the driving exam has been postponed twice so doom will hit me on thursday.
i vote for us proto-drivers to organise a protest in front of the traffic building.
go on hunger strike. go on non-driving strike. go on non-paying strike.

today i am doubtful.

today is one of those days where my body and i don't agree with each other. today is a 'i wish i were a little more.../ a little less...' day in front of the bored mirror.
the endless list of adjectives that would complete that indefinitely pronounced sentence... i don't dare count. rather, i'd like to put a bow on it.
because all of us are.

today i feel like i am missing out on something important.

today is a 'i want to give my wardrobe some rythm' day.

today is a 'i wish i were a lot more inspired and creative' day. today i wish i had more of a spark in my head, or a succession of sparks, one after the other. or an explosion of sparks: one spark does not exclude another simultaneous one, no.
yes, i do have ideas. but the means, oh the means. and the result? hmm. the will to improve, to reach, to surpass. nothing is ever good enough. the vicious moebius strip cycle syndrome complex.

close brackets)

it's not autumn yet in málaga - summer stretches to october and it's wonderful.
wonderfully monotonously wonderful. every day is like sunday, but i must disagree with you this one time mr. morrissey, because it's not silent and grey.
it's bright and noisy.
it's the complete opposite.
i prefer this to silent and grey.
maidstone equals silent and grey, it's getting closer.


it's been a year since i've been blogging. happy birthday anniversary miss blog!

blog sounds like bleurgh. it sounds like vomit. am i vomiting? regurgitating may be a more apropriate word. thought regurgitating.


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