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los sueños, sueños son

last night i dreamt of a man that my subconscious seemed to make up - all i remember is that he was slender and tanned, standing still in a hallway. he was fleeting, blurry, his hands were translucent. i always kept my distance, faking indifference, entering doorways with an echoing crowd and finding myself crossing laberynthic corridors alone, always ending up in the same triangular hallway of imaculate dutchish design, where the apparition stood patiently.

i should probably imitate what borges's magician did in the circular ruins of a fire temple. i will ask for the fire god (perhaps a tiger, perhaps a horse, perhaps both or neither at the same time) to aid me in this task as well, to dream this man cell by cell, starting from the heart, then his circulatory system, and so on and so forth, and impose him on a contradictory reality that would only be explained by pangea.

but tonight i will probably dream of eating edam cheese.


a pin for my jacket. or future scarf.


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