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but mom, we've become the tools of evil

a grey, low, cotton, leaking cieling welcomed us passengers back. i'd switched on and off during the flight while the two sari-clad ladies next to me nibbled on crispy spice biscuits in a white plastic bag, and the contrast between the opposing weathers, supersunny to superdark, was like a kick in the shin.

it only took two hours for my mood to plummet while i was unpacking/deweeding the closet.
'maidstone. a great place to visit - a great place to shop' is the motto the local buses proudly don on all sides.
is that statement true?
because non-stop shopping is what counts, yes?
here are some interesting educational maidstonian facts. i learned that the maidstone arms has a dinosaur in it.
maidstone is also the host of a prison where all the rapists in england end up in.

the following song is pulling me through:
'escuela del calor' radio futura
from the movida madrileña in the early 80's (aka a generation of thriving artists and iconoclasts leaving behind the conventionalisms of the dictatorship).

tomorrow is yarn-searching day. i brought my knitting needles with me, glee.
also tomorrow i will start reading el quijote.


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