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before the holidays, my dad informed me of a relatively large wart/verruca-type thing my dog had developed on her muzzle overnight.

star and the bee sting

oh my beautiful little star, her perfectly cute muzzle defaced! my pleas for a vet checkup fell on selectively deaf ears.

last night i called home to the netherlands to see how my family was doing, and good news! the offending deformity is gone.
beestingless star

theory: it was probably a sting. knowing star, she probably chased the insect all over the garden and pissed it off.
lesson learned? no, i don't think so. star doesn't learn lessons.
she ignores them.


oh my oh my gaia
net pervert guy is operating! you can hear him from the other side of the café. today's featured phrases:
'mi amor' (x 20)
'eres fantástica'
'eres la chica más maravillosa'
'amor, amor, amorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!'
'pasión, pasión, pasión, pasión.'
'larga. gorda. larga. gorda. kilométrica!' (highly questionable description of his penis).
aw. he must really be head over heels. he's meeting up with her again tomorrow.


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