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do you know what i really really want?
an apartment in amsterdam, a place to store my bike, a one-day trip to ikea with a van, an ma degree course in english to apply to, a dachshund puppy, and a lot of vanilla ice cream.

oh yes, and a very healthy income. without that, all of the above would not be possible. unless i have a fairy godmother. if this were the case, i would henceforth demand my miracles immediately. i would tell her to cut all the glass stilettos crap (more than 3 cms ruins your knees, apart from getting a potential perennial sprain in your ankle), leave the mice alone (they never wished to be horses), and cut to the chase. and she will be condenscending, asking why i didn't want the perfect sexist ending where i end up powdering my nose and brushing my hair all day in the palace while the prince goes hunting with the generals.
needless to say she ends up with a black eye conjuring up the apartment under my steady watch and a bug spray in hand.


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