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from pinks and oranges
to turquoise, greens and browns.
i have been obsessed with the latter three lately.

i'm having some sidebar issues as well (obviously), any suggestions on how to force it to stick itself at least 75 pixels further to the left? i've been trying to bribe it, but no matter how much pixel info i feed it, it still acts mutinous.
all else is fine.
unless there are safari problems.
and unless iexplorer still decides to widen the 'main' that much further destroying the harmony firefox and netscape do agree to keep.

changing the subject to my recent woes (i will not describe my reaction to the aberrations my camera was producing, needless to say it involved overreactive tears, that dramatic i felt):
it's going to be 209 euros to exchange my malfunctioning hp photosmart 935 for a working recycled one - since it can't be fixed - after a call to the spanish hewlett-packard node. it really isn't worth it.
it's a shame because it's only a year and a half old.
and because this chunk of plastic and metal was the gateway to photography and my loyal companion in the exploration of color and form. admittedly, i have the (bad) habit of getting attached to objects. gaia knows how much this camera has taught me, helped me through this tedious year in maidstone (shudders), by motivating me into absorbing myself in small personal projects. and, what the hell, it lead the way to buzznet and flickr, thus learning a substantial amount of technique more.
so i shall give it a decent goodbye, and start perusing digital camera catalogues.


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