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i found a list of colleges/institutes that have fashion design courses in a magazine, followed by an article of self-made d.i.y. designers that sort of gravitated into the industry. madrid, barcelona, valencia, milan, paris, london, new york. st. martins and (aha!) camberwell were mentioned.
this got me thinking about what to do after the year is over. i still don't know where i'm going to drift. video & media? illustration? photography? ... fashion?
and most important of all, where?

oh, i need to expand, so much to do, so little time to experiment until i'm sucked into the 9-5.
i know i don't want to stick to one thing. impossible. i'd shrivel up inside. i need to work on different disciplines at the same time, cross-reference, patch it up together to create a map that makes sense in the bigger picture that may seem chaotic when scrutinized individually.
i know that i absorb everything i look at, making little mental notes, forming a growing ball of influences that without a doubt affect me in every way, from paintings to interior deco to architecture to video.

visual nutrition, i like to call it.


new set of loves:

- neo rauch. fantastic german painter.
- turquoise.
- regaining lost confidence.
- big handbags. tote, traveler, satchel. i'm obsessed.

new set of hates:

- raggeaton.
- hollywood.
- bling.
- stringy poop by yappie-type dogs strategically placed on street corners.
- arguments for no reason.
- being reminded by the media how inadequate my body is in comparison to those sexless stick-figures.
- small handbags.


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