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'holiday' isn't a good word for a period of free time.
holy day.
holiness? humbug.

a 'holiday' feels more like a 'regeneration period' to me. it is completely independent from the 'working period'. the dynamics change: different location, different schedule, different state of mind.
towards the end, the 'reset' button is pushed. i rest, stock up on ideas, and prepare wardrobe overhauls for autumn/winter. this last thing is my little weakness. changes usually occur then, just as they are ocurring now.
push the previous year aside, and sit at the cleared desk, start afresh. okay. nod, nod. lean on elbows. clasp hands together.

during this 'regeneration period', i check up on all the spanish movies and music i've missed while i was abroad.
and, yes, i have stocked up on the latter (especially compilation albums from subterfuge records and mushroom pillow).

i have made a list of recommended listening for electronicky types:
cabin fever - boedekka
looking through the hole - deluxe (a one-man army with the awesomest name: xoel. he's also on flickr!)
electrónica - galáctica (this goes on my cycling playlist, for sure)

i also found a compilation cd with vintage french pop. wowness at the influence of english modness.

if you can, get hold of these tracks:
je dis ce que je pense et je vis comme je veux - antoine
7 heurs du matin - jaqueline taïeb
comment te dire adieu - françois hardy


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