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cybercafés can be uncomfortable. many a time have i seen men look at the 'pretty naked ladies/men' pages, or girls flaunting their derrieres in front of webcams. everyone's free to do what they see as appropriate.


i am currently experiencing the most hilariously adorable event ever.
a short, overweight, long-haired yet balding man (think of the comic store guy from the simpsons and the dna-stealing IT guy from jurassic park's face and with a characteristically pedophilic soft, high-pitched voice) is talking on the microphone to some person on a 'chat and meet' place. he has so far said the following things:
'eres guapa? eres guapa? eres guapa?'
'cuánto tienes?'
'tienes novio? tienes novia? eres de la acera de enfrente?**'
'has leído lo que he escrito? jijiji'
and other silly pic-swap chitchat that would ultimately involve sexual rpg. i just hope he waits until he gets home to relieve himself, and not in the bathroom right behind me.
seriously. it just takes a hint and off races my imagination and it makes me see things i really don't want to see.

** idiom definition: are you gay?


now i'm learning crochet. awesome. i'll be making puffy flowers to customise 50% of all my clothes/accesories soon.


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