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i am nerding like crazy.
sufficent to say my bedtime stories involve speed limits, and the whole overtaking maneuver jazz.
my entire existence is currently devoted to learning rules and lights and signs and i have no time anymore.
someone stole it. i intend to find out who it was and catch them and hit them with a rolled-up newspaper on the nose. and demand my time back, or else. or else what?, they'd say. or else i'll pull a clockwork orange and show you naked pictures of james van der beek, i'd say. you can't grind me down, they'd say. oh yeah? well i'll show every single scene from 'dawson's creek' where there's some woe-is-me song playing in the background while dawson says something naive and profound unsuccessfully pretending to be 17, and then a frozen close-up of pacey's face, i'd say. and then they will cower and hand my time over.


word of wisdom: listen to '1985' by the manic street preachers. sublime beauty.


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