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gorrión gorrioncillo

today, not so long ago, perhaps just a few minutes ago, one hour, half an hour, i noticed a little brown lump on a heavy-transited pavement in front of some big department store i like to dislike. it looked somewhat like a bird (there's me not wearing my glasses again) so i walked up to it and kneeled down to look at it better.

it was a little sparrow, sitting there with a rapidly heaving white thorax and black eyes that blinked nervously. i got a bit closer to it and cautiously stroked its soft head for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out why this stray avian didn't move at all, what with all the people walking briskly by.
at first i thought one of its legs was broken or maybe missing, or maybe it had a non-functioning wing, but it was all fine.

people stared at me crouched down on the floor as they went by while i went through the options i had, the most suitable was taking it home which would drive my granma ballistic so that was discarded.
so i whispered to it
'lo siento, no sé cómo ayudarte'
and resumed my walk towards the center of málaga.

twentysomething meters round the corner afterwards i halted due to a stab of guilt and a new option. i could gently carry it to a little green spot i'd just seen. at least it would be safe.
i ran back thinking of ways i could try and cup it carefully with my hands, tutting at myself. stupid. you should have picked it straight up. someone could step on it and become a little red and pink gunky mess. it was probably paralyzed out of fear.

but when i got to the spot, the sparrow was gone.


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