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why, hello.
so, i've found a place for my laptop, who i named 'arco' two years ago. another day, perhaps.

um, i'm working on the things i said and planned to be working on, and i think i'm doing fine.
coming back to spain always excites y political edge and well that is awesome too.everything else is awefabulosome. i wish i lived on the beach. no, not next to, but on it.

i feel like pinching guys' butts. and running away giggling.

also, my cameras are falling into comas, one by one, and i kneel beside them crying out 'nooooooooooooooooooooo' while a little puff of smoke sort of portrudes from them and sadly disappears into the air.
oh well. sorting that out.

i multitask, gentlemen.


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