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what's the point?
what's the value?
as stupid as the crazy frog ringtone.
as redundant as 99p pencils.
banging my forehead against a notebook.

'wipes with stripes'.

tell me, if i'm wiping my face with a cotton pad, with an inmaculate virginal cotton circle, defacing it, rendering it useless...
will the pad look at me and timidly say 'i am soft, absorbent and gentle, non-fleecing, recommended for contact-lens wearers (to which you will answer 'i do not wear contact lenses, a finger in my eye is cringing'), i am manufactured using natural fibers so i may contain small pieces of cotton seed, husk or stalk.'?
will it say so in dutch, because it was made in the netherlands?

killing time.

¿y las llaves?
ya ves.


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