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two weeks


i feel like the globetrotters' theme whistle.

what i just wrote right now is bullshit because how can anyone know how the globetrotters' theme tune feels unless they magically transform into one, from molecules to vibrations some form of transformation or say energy that produces such vibrations and what would start the action in the first place? obviously someone would have to whistle you first in order to achieve existence, and would you vibrate from molecule to molecule until you disperesed yourself so thinly that you're not whole anymore? would that mean death? would that mean loss of sentience?
would you be no more sentient than the tapping of a keyboard?
or would you approach this from a storage point of view: would you be a few scribbles on a circular piece of plastic, or woud it be a bunch of kilobytes, or would it be some magnetic patterns on some tape?

what if keyboard tappings are actually sentient, and everyone is creating these little creatures as they type popping up from the keys and scrambling away, overflowing desks and rooms and hallways and buildings and maybe even streets, as people acquire more and more computers and type more and more and wow we're creating a new species and they would be tiny and would sit on your monitor swinging their legs and have black furry armless bodies - typechildren that cannot type themselves, oh the irony - they may create their own language and their own society and i think i've been watching far too much star trek.

what about the other way round, making a song physical?
'sunny' would be a red vintage tin box you could put polaroids of blue skies and sunny grass in, also pictures of leonard nimoy in his prime smiling that rare sexy smile in a turtleneck sweater.
'music to watch girls by' would be a pink 60's dress about to be worn by audrey hepburn with matching shoes and hat, and don't forget the white gloves.

why isn't there such a thing as cheap carboot sales in maidstone? three pounds for a record?? surely you jest.


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