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soon their baskets were full of pretty leaves

as you were.
as is, as is.
as it were.

a shop-that-i-like-very-muchly-that-is-imported-from-spain-and-has-spread-all-over-europe has recently opened in the new 'shopping area' in maidstone.
i'm a girly girlesque girl, and i love the looking, the picking, the trying, the rejecting/buying.
so i went.

it seems that all your worries in the world are narrowed down to if that skirt is too bouncy or if that slight crease that makes your brow furrow.
or if you should get that tank top in green or pink.
i often wonder about how everywhere you go the female demographic seems to be induced into shopping crazes. what is it about acquiring things that gives me such a kick and cheers me right up?
probably because it makes me forget about everything else going on. it's the pretty colors and me. the rest is a blur, unimportant.
i get the same good feeling as when i finish a collage or a achieve some progress on adobe illustrator.
a little triumph. a little advancement. a sort of personal achievement.
clothes are my coloring pencils. i like to mix and match and ooh this and hey i haven't tried this combination before, and yuk this comes off right away.
i weigh a number of factors - like composition, hierarchy, harmony, possibilities, combinations, how lines work with each other and make shapes - no different from deciding what angle to take a picture from or deciding where to put the text on my last video.
this is a whole process that occurs, inadvertently, not realising until i get home and inspect the pretty plastic bags i like to collect.
a creative process perhaps? the same sort of decision-making, balance.
when someone asks me 'what do you think?' as they walk out towards the mirror, the first thing i hunt down are the hues and their relationship in the hierarchy.
i analyze way too much, but it's how my mind works. that's how i was brought up. think of everything, don't overlook. have you judged well enough?
not that i am so hardline. some days i can't be bothered. few days.

i have become broker than i was when i woke up this morning.

and i still need...
pink flat sandals, or maybe strappy ones.
comfortable ones - i get sores easily.
light summer dresses. i am currently light summer dress-less.
and fitted, boot-cut jeans-less.

no big brands. i can't stand them. elitist overpriced sweat-shopped unwashable.
good taste isn't defined by how much you spend on what you have. it is even bad taste to me, to spend too much, for the sake of parading.
sort of an attempt to give yourself more value as a person and your status. a name that gives you more of a name, bought. keep the receipt nearby in case of questioning.

no thank you.
but there is demand for it, people consume.

this i thought while i was cutting my bangs last night.
they were getting too unruly, rebellious. off with their heads.
'who painted my roses red? who painted my roses red??'


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