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'someone calls you, and you answer quite slowly'



reality woke me up this morning with violent shakes on my shoulder. i sprung up and covered my bare chest with a pillow, wide-eyed.
'wake up!!!! stuff to do, toothbrush to remember!!' he said, and laughed at my expression.
'oh.. yeah!'
today he was a red panda, bright eyed and bushy tailed and all. spruced up he was.

i'm flying home!! home being wherever the heart is and my heart is set on long lazy sunny salty-aired mornings and i still can't believe the second year is over.
three glorious months.
i love airports! i love dutyfree! i love the scanny scanny thing!
i hate crying babies in descents!
avanti avanti avanti ('and never come back' says a whisper).

see you in a while, you crazy cats.


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